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Wooden Garage
Would you like to buy a wooden garage? We have several garages of untreated pine wood for sale. These wooden garages or sheds we deliver within 7-10 working days at your home. We work with reputable brands such as Tuindeco. Order your wooden garage now with service and warranty at gadero.nl timber trade. Besides closed wooden sheds and spruce garages, we also offer open carports made of wood. For the impregnation of our wooden barns and garages is a delivery time of 3-4 weeks extra.
A garage made of wood has a lot of character and is the ideal solution if you suffer from a lack of space in your home. It is not just a place to park your car, also for tools, bicycles and garden furniture is enough space. At Gadero you will find many different wooden garages, from a garden house with a carport to log cabin garages. These wooden garages are a beautiful addition to your garden and offer you a place to shelter your car.

Large doors

Before you proceed with the purchase of a wooden garage, there are several things you need to consider. First, of course, the space you need. What do you want to store and how big is the car you want to store under cover are then important. Also consider all the doors, such as any side doors. It is annoying if you have to drive your car out of the garage every time before you can reach your wheelbarrow or lawn mower.

Workbench in your wooden garage

A wooden garage is also the perfect place for a workbench. This way you can work on your projects in peace and quiet, without the house becoming a mess or you getting in anyone’s way. To store your tools neatly and orderly, order hardboard sheets along. This board material is very suitable for making a kind of tool board, on which you can hang all your hammers, screwdrivers, and carriage bolts. If you want to work in your wooden garage, electricity is no luxury either. Therefore, before installing your wooden garage, think about the power supply.

Wall thickness of wooden garage

If you plan to hang some stuff on the wall of your wooden garage or spend a reasonable amount of time there, we recommend choosing a garage with a wall thickness of 44 mm. For a smaller garage, 28 mm is sufficient, but these walls can’t actually support stuff and have a little insulating effect. In addition, provide ventilation in your wooden garage, this is good for the life of the wood.
You will not be supplied with a wooden floor, unlike many garden houses. After all, there must be a car in your wooden garage. If you have heavy vehicles such as a ride-on mower or vintage car in your garage, make sure you have a concrete sub-floor reinforced with steel. This will prevent the floor from sagging.

Handy log cabin garages

If you want little work from your new wooden garage, we recommend a handy log cabin garage. These garages consist of an already customized construction kit. This comes with fasteners. After delivery, you only need to assemble the wooden garage, which is easy to do for the handy do-it-yourselfer. This saves you a lot of sawing and you will have a wooden garage much faster.

Prefer to put together your own shed?

If you do not find on this page the wooden garage you are looking for, you can also make one yourself. At Gadero you will find all the materials you need to make a solid wooden garage. With a combination of Larch Douglas wood and gunwale boards, you create a robust wooden garage with a beautiful appearance. On our special DIY tips page we also explain step by step how to build a roof or carport, so you know exactly what to do and what products you need.