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Vacation Chalets wood

Vacation Chalets wood
Would you like to expand your campsite or vacation park with modern wooden chalets? At Gadero you can buy prefab wooden chalets. Choose from trendy camping pods to ready-made wooden vacation homes. You can easily buy your vacation homes online via our webshop. If you want to order more than 2 pieces, please contact our sales department. We deliver these ready-made construction kits of wooden chalets everywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. Thereby Gadero is a reputable company with over 10 years of history. On request, we can also deliver to Italy, France, Austria, etc.

What should you look for when buying wooden chalets?

  • How big should it be? How many people should reside in the chalet? A family? How many double and child beds, for example, do you want? Do you want a kitchen, shower, and toilet built-in or not? How much space do you want for a lounge or dining table area? Some models such as Kay also have an upper floor. Keep in mind that people like to have a (covered) veranda next to their vacation chalet and you should not put the chalets too close together.
  • Check the permits with your municipality to see if the desired vacation accommodations meet the guidelines of the local authorities.
  • The foundation. Preferably place your vacation home on a wooden floor board made of durable floor boards from hardwood or possibly impregnated softwood. Space the bottom beams a maximum of 40 cm apart. Every 50 cm, attach the beams to picket poles. See also our handy handyman tips building a decking with handy do-it-yourself videos. The construction of your vacation cabin on a wooden deck is often the easiest. You can build your accommodation with picket stakes about 20 cm above ground level, this is good for the ventilation of your wooden chalet. Also, by building a wooden platform you can create a level surface on which you can easily place a vacation home in combination with foundation beams. Also for power cables and water pipes, a decking is ideal, these can be processed under your decking.
  • The design. The eye wants something too. Choose from various prefab models in trendy designs or traditional log cabin formats. If desired, you can also make your own custom-made accommodation from larch Douglas, for example. The price of Douglas fir building is higher than our ready-made vacation homes from Scandinavian pine.
  • Single or double glazed windows. This makes quite a difference in heating costs. Pay close attention to this when buying a vacation home.
  • Doors. For 70 mm models, choose from standard doors or the more “idiotproof” luxury doors. We recommend these last types of doors for use as a chalet for rental or permanent residence. With the luxury doors, the materials are all just a little thicker and stronger.
    The wall thickness. Do you want to live permanently in your prefab chalet or luxury log cabin? Then choose a wall thickness of 70 mm, this is already excellent insulation. In addition, provide an insulated floor and insulation panels under your roof and you have a home where you can live all year round. Are you going to install a heater in your chalet? Don’t forget the ventilation grids, always place them opposite each other – one at the bottom and one at the top. Don’t skimp on a smoke detector and carbon dioxide detector in your log house either.
  • Treatment. Before you buy a chalet, make sure you think about a durable treatment. We advise you to impregnate your wooden chalet and later (once your chalet is thoroughly dry) to varnish it with a clear stain or, even better, to treat your chalet with primer before you start building. During or also before the erection of your log cabin, apply your coating (Embadecor) in the tongue and groove, and after installation apply another coat of our Embadecor stain in a color. Many customers choose anthracite walls and white frames, but you can also come up with your own color combination of course.
  • Roofing, choose a pointed roof preferably for durable tile sheets. You can also install shingles, but these do not last as long.
  • Check what is included in the price and what is not.