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Triple Block Profile

Triple Block Profile
The triple block profile consists of 3 waves and is also called the Danish rebate. The stackable triple profiles provide a modern, sleek look. With these profiles, you can choose from the woods of Larch Douglas (not for house facades), Hardwood, Ayous, Fraké, or Accoya, whereby the first two are often used in the garden and the last two also on house facades. Usually, triple lathing is installed horizontally, but vertical installation is also possible. Gadero provides wood for the facade throughout the Netherlands, parts of Germany, and Belgium. Delivery to Luxembourg is also possible. In addition to these special wall boards, check out our other range of wall cladding. Think of Swedish rebate, half-timber, channel siding, rombus, and thermally modified profiles.

Why Danish Rabat?

Modern Danish Rabat is sure to impress in the form of a dense fence or back wall of a canopy. This profile can also be used as a wall covering. Danish Rabat is particularly striking because of the three tight strips, which create a beautiful whole. These triple block profiles can be placed both vertically and horizontally, which makes them very versatile. Moreover, you will find these profiles in many different types of wood at Gadero. Need more arguments to get convinced of these profiles? Then also read our blog about the advantages of triple block profiles.

Installing Danish Rabat

Never slide the parts too tightly together, leave space for some effect. Start level at the bottom and lay the next profile with 2 mm spacing on the first board. Using a nail gun (with screw nails), always screw or nail into the “wave” of this profile with 2 screws or nails. We recommend not screwing or nailing into the thin lip. With hardwood, Larch Douglas, and Ayous wood always pre-drill to prevent cracking. Also, leave some space on the ends for movement.

Video Bankirai Danish Rabat

Always mount your double or triple block profiles loosely together with 1-2 mm play, so your wood can work. Install battens every 60 cm and screw the profiles into the groove on your battening. Always use 2 screw nails or stainless steel screws of 40 mm length per crossing of a board/rail. Are you going to use these triple block profiles for a wall? Then also watch the following episode of Gadero TV.

Alternatives Triple Block Profile

The trendy profiles on this page are not to everyone’s taste. Therefore you should also take a look at our range of wall cladding in other types of profiles such as rhombus, channel siding, Swedish rebate (pot lid), or half-timber planks. Not familiar with the differences between these types of cladding? Read all about it in our blog post.