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Thermally modified facade wood

Thermally modified facade wood
Thermally modified wood is increasingly being chosen for facade cladding. In the case of Ayous, Fraké, Spruce, or Pine wood, for example, all fungi, pests, and a lot of moisture disappear under 200 degrees of steam pressure. The environmentally friendly thermally modified spruce and pine wood go from durability class 4-5 to 2. Discover at wood dealer Gadero various types of Thermowood cladding. Such as the beautiful Ayous in triple block profile or the cheaper Thermowood pine and spruce. Thanks to the thermal modification, the wood has much less movement, it gets a nice warm color and the weight is lower. This makes thermally modified wood, also called boiled or steamed wood, popular as wall cladding.
Gadero provides everywhere in the Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of Germany thermally modified boards. Think of halfwood, Swedish Rabat, rhombus, and channel siding profiles. Choose from various lengths.
In thermally modified wood, the molecular structure of the wood changes during the 200-degree steam process. No chemicals are used in thermally modified wood. The color also becomes beautifully brown even. Note, thermal modification is not comparable with boiler pressure impregnation (identified by the green glow). Also, watch episodes 86 and 95 of gaderoTV about thermal wood. Thermally modified wood usually comes from countries near the Netherlands, which makes this type of wood extra sustainable. As a result, there are fewer transport movements and we preserve the tropical rain forest.

Responsible Thermally Modified Facade Wood

At Gadero wood, choose from thermally modified pine, spruce, Frake, and Ayous in the form of half-wood, channel siding, block profile, rhombus, or Swedish rebate. Thermo wood is popular because no chemicals are added during the steaming process at 200 degrees. Very responsible for the environment. All the more so because the wood species often come from countries around us (only Ayous comes from North Africa). The price of thermal spruce and pine is also much lower than western red cedar wood. In addition, the transportation pollution is much higher with red cedar from Canada.
The modification process kills off non-desirable extracts and contents. It also crystallizes the cellulose in the wood. This makes such wood steamed with poor water very durable.
Thermowood is not only suitable for facades, you can also use it to make a beautiful fence, for example:

Thermally modified spruce and pine

Spruce and pinewood go from 5-10 years to a life span of 15-25 years through thermal modification. The thermal modification process does decrease the wood’s flexibility. More and more customers are choosing Thermowood. The price, responsible steaming process without chemicals, low wood wear, and durability are very strong points of thermowood. Are you looking for a harder wood species with unique rustic properties such as black, small knots, and pinholes? Check out our range of Fraké wood.

Treating thermally modified wood

At lumberyard Gadero, choose from thermally modified pine, spruce, or ayous wood. Any idea which type of cladding to choose? In this blog, we list all the different types of siding. Although you do not have to treat thermally modified wood, you can. Just keep in mind that the wood needs to sweat out for several months and that not just any stain or paint is suitable for this wood. Read our blog for more tips on treating thermally modified wood. Never mounted a facade before? With this blog, we’ll help you avoid the most common mistakes made when assembling siding.
Would you like to have thermally modified wood for your facade or decking from our own country? We are an official dealer of Platowood, where they steam Fraké and pine wood in their own way to a sustainable product for the future.