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Rhombus Open Facade Cladding

Rhombus Open Facade Cladding
Rhombus profiles are rhombus-shaped slats for both an open facade cladding and a closed facade (double and triple variant with tongue and groove). Rhombus cladding is very popular and gives your facade a luxurious look. Popular types of wood in a rhombus are western red cedar, thermally modified pine, and Siberian larch. A must when installing on homes is to place our black UV-resistant construction film behind your rhombus boards and ventilation slats. After all, with Rhombus profiles you have open ventilation. That is also the strength of rhombus wood: it ventilates well. You should also paint the ventilation slats black first so that they fall nicely out of sight.

If you are looking for something special, you can also look at triple block profiles.

Mounting Rhombus

Install rombus façade boards center-to-center up to 60 cm apart, and for widths from 42 to 90 mm with one nail in the middle of the board. Everything from width 120 mm (up to 190 mm) should be installed with two screw nails next to each other. Want to know more about mounting rhombus profiles? Henk Jan explains exactly how to do it in the episode of GaderoTV below.
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Wood types Rhombus

At rhombus, red cedar wood is the cream of the crop. Western red cedar rhombus boards are durable and lightweight. A good durable alternative is Siberian larch wood. For the lowest price, go for thermowood pine. This thermowood has a durability class 2 and is steamed without chemicals for longer life. The effect is minimal. More and more people are discovering thermally modified siding. Also known under the name Lunawood.

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