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Prefab Canopies

In addition to loose Oak or Larch Douglas construction lumber for customization, you can also order prefabricated wooden shelters at Gadero. Such ready-made terrace roofing and porch models can be found on this page. Choose from wooden shelters in fixed sizes with flat roofs or sloping roofs. We also deliver these kit shelters with or without storage. We deliver ready-made shelters everywhere in the Benelux, made of affordable impregnated pinewood or luxurious Larchwood. Also for a prefabricated wooden veranda to your facade or a freestanding garden arbor, you have come to the right place. Extend your outdoor living with aluminum or wooden roof. At Houthandel Gadero you are for years sure of delivery under favorable Home Shopping Delivery guarantees. We will professionally deliver your wooden patio cover throughout the Netherlands and Flanders. In all kits are drawings and fasteners included.
Going for the lowest price? Then choose our Do it yourself sets. Here you need to saw all wood items to size yourself. Do you have a little less time? Then choose the construction kits where everything is already pre-sawed to size. Within these kits, you can choose from finely sawn larch Douglas wood. Then your poles and beams are slightly rough. These are the cheap kits. Or choose the smooth planed prefab roofs. Choose from the OSLO flat roof. Or the HAMAR gable roof. Also in a shed roof variant, you will find a BERGEN roofing at Gadero. In all three types, the poles, beams, and planks are already cut to size and equipped with a handy number that matches the construction drawing.
Would you rather buy a kit roof in impregnated pine or spruce wood? Check out the durable models Maaseik, Bastogne and Leuven. These are composed of boiler pressure impregnated wood, so very resistant to rainwater.
In addition to these prefabricated shelters, you can also use our Larch Douglas wood to build your own custom shelter. Want to know more about buying a roof? Read our blog with 7 tips for buying a roof.
Scarcity in prefabricated shelters
At this moment stocks of ready-made larch and Douglas, roofs are very limited and waiting times are long (10-16 weeks). Click on shelter directly for the models that we can deliver directly (untreated) from stock. Also, look under Red class wood for alternatives.