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At Gadero, you will find a wide selection of prefabricated wooden shelters. Think of patio covers with flat roofs, sheds to cheap do-it-yourself sets. We supply luxury larch Douglas wooden shelters, verandas with translucent polycarbonate sheets, and special log cabin models. Do you want a garden shed with a roof made to measure? Then order loose wood, for example, Larch Douglas wood. Gadero delivers wooden patio covers to your home anywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Do-it-yourself or Prefab roofing?

If you are looking for cheap roofing, then choose a do-it-yourself package. This means you get all the wood for your shelter, but you still need to cut it to size. This may be a time-consuming task, but it can save you a lot of money. Especially if you are a bit handy, this is a good option. If you have less time or not so much job talent, then you better choose a prefab roofing. Here, everything is already cut to size and you only need to screw together the roof.

Larch Douglas roofing

Covers in the economical range are often made of fine sawn Larch Douglas. Looking for something more luxurious? Then go for shelters of smooth planed larch Douglas, such as the OSLO flat roof, the HAMAR gable roof, or the BERGEN woodshed. Also, covers of impregnated wood, such as spruce and pine, can be found at Gadero. Think of the Maaseik, Bastogne and Leuven. These are impregnated under high pressure and therefore more durable than shelters made of untreated wood.

What different canopies are there?

In our wooden roofing range, you will find different types of roofing. You can think of an extension porch, roofing with a flat or pointed roof, shed, or wooden arbor. Still, doubting between the different roofing systems? Read our blog with 7 tips for buying roofing.

Advantages of the veranda extension

With an extension porch, you add extra living space to your home. It is actually a kind of extension of your living room. This gives you more space to sit outside, even when the weather is not so good. A wooden veranda fits any home. Moreover, a wooden veranda is relatively cheap and quick to install, especially in comparison with an aluminum or stone version.

Advantages roofing with flat or pointed roof

A flat or gable roof can be placed anywhere. So you are very free in your garden design. In addition, you can design this roofing to your own taste. For example, you can add walls for shelter or place a glass wall for a luxurious effect. At Gadero you will also find several covers including storage space. Ideal for storing your garden furniture and tools.

Advantages woodshed

A woodshed is a certain type of roofing. One or more walls are always closed, but what gives a barn its characteristic look is the high ridge. In addition, the roof at the back continues far. A woodshed has the advantage that this roof creates a very spacious feeling. It is also versatile in use and gives your garden a rugged country look by adding a shed. Also, read our blog about the advantages of a shed.

Advantages wooden arbor

A wooden arbor we often see back in the garden as a cozy seating area. The advantage of a gazebo is that you can sit sheltered, for example, from the sun or protected from the rain. Moreover, a gazebo with a pointed roof is a cozy addition to your garden. With a gazebo, you really get that vacation feeling in your own garden. Ideal for small parties or to relax at the weekend.
At Gadero you will find these wooden shelters as prefabricated kits. Rather make wooden roofing yourself? Check out all our larch and Douglas wood. Don’t forget to check out our handy tips for building your own roof.