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Log cabins, garden sheds, and more
By ready-made garden sheds, we mean everything from a prefabricated log cabin with a roof to a cheap garden shed. These log cabin construction kits consist of fixed dimensions and a handy pre-cut wood package with a construction drawing. So you can quickly and easily build a small pinewood garden shed to a luxury log cabin with a roof of larch Douglas wood. Tuinhuiswinkel Gadero offers a wide range, but above all quality and service in log cabins.
We also deliver exclusively A-brand garden sheds from renowned manufacturers such as Tuindeco, Karibu, Fesca, and Elephant quickly and professionally to your home. We also deliver for more than 10 years throughout the Netherlands and Belgium under favorable Home Shopping service guarantees.
Timber and log cabin store Gadero stands for outdoor enjoyment, within reach. Here you will buy a quality garden shelter with service, warranty, and installation advice. Click on our wide collection of luxury chalet garden sheds to cheap log cabins with awning or freestanding garden berths. And from Larch Douglas self-built wood to trendy log cabins with roofs and handy garden sheds of impregnated garden wood or Larch Douglas sawn or smooth planed wood.

Advantages ready-made wood construction packages

Less sawing and thinking, so fewer man-hours for the installation of your garden house, roofing, shed, and the like
always including handy assembly drawings
Thoughtful construction, you don’t need to think about carrying capacity and so on
easy to order including additional options such as impregnation, foundation beams, and more.
Clear price, no financial surprises afterward.

What to look out for when buying a log cabin

Before you buy a log cabin or garden house, there are several things you need to consider. Will your intended garden shed to fit into your garden, for example? And how thick should the wall of your summerhouse be? This can be a lot to find out, so Gadero has written a useful blog with 10 tips for purchasing a log cabin. So you know exactly what you should take into account before you buy a log cabin or garden shed.
Useful to know in advance, our woodshop and garden shed store only supply European A-brands. So you know for sure that if a part is unexpectedly missing or broken you can always enjoy top service with subsequent delivery of materials.

Which log cabin is right for you?

Do you want a space for the whole family to use as a summer home? Where you can enjoy the beautiful weather all day long from breakfast to a delicious glass of wine in the evening? Need extra space to throw parties? Urgently need a mancave to escape with the men of the day at the self-built bar? Or should it be a woman shed with a lovely romantic interior with bed and rugs and invites you to relax? Do you need a care home on your property to care for someone? Looking for a simple garden shed to store garden equipment next to the vegetable garden? Or need space for a studio or your hobby? Whatever you are looking for, you will find it at Gadero.
Also, consider the requirements of the municipality when looking at the perfect log cabin for you. For example, some log cabins require you to obtain a permit. Wondering when this is the case? Read our blog on permit requirements for log cabins.

What falls under a log cabin?

A log cabin is a broad term. Many models fall under log cabin and as many models as there are for so many different reasons it can be used. What you have in mind can undoubtedly be found. On vacation in your own garden. A tidy garden. A secluded seating area. Each wish fits a different model garden house. Upstairs you can always design your own custom-made log cabin. Would you like to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of a custom-made log cabin? Then read our blog.

The log cabin as a relaxation area

The trend in recent years is to set up a relaxation area in the garden. Thus, it is increasingly transformed into a home theater or fitness studio. Even a music studio is among the possibilities if during insulation the acoustics are taken into account. Of course, a log cabin in the garden offers many more options for use. How about a meditation room? A game room? A workshop? With some imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Log cabin models by category

There are so many models on the market that it is easy to lose track. That is why we have divided them into different categories for you. Choose from a storage shed or a garden shed with a roof. You can also choose from a wooden storage shed with a front awning or a five-sided corner log cabin. Would you like to live partially in a log cabin? Then check out our wooden houses, tiny houses, or turn our gypsy caravans into an eye-catching vacation home.

What is important to know about a log cabin?

A few points are important to know in advance before you proceed to make a choice of a wooden log cabin and buy it. Read more details below.

What is the delivery time of a log cabin?

In spring and summer delivery times can be quite long. Also for treatments like impregnation and spraying delivery times in those months can easily be 6-8 weeks. So it is smart to order your wooden garden building early if you want to enjoy your outdoor living space early in the year. In January and February, we also have regular early-bird discounts.

Scarcity in log cabins and delivery times

At the moment stocks of prefab log cabins of all brands are very limited and waiting times for sold-out models are long (10-16 weeks). Please note, preferably choose untreated, with impregnation or spraying the delivery time will increase even more. Click on log cabin direct for the models that we can deliver directly (untreated) from our own stock.

What type of wood is a log cabin made of?

Log cabins are available in different types of wood. Each type of wood has its own advantages and properties.

Log cabin from Scandinavian pine (most common)

Log cabins are available in spruce in the types of impregnated spruce and untreated spruce. Whitewood must also be treated when impregnated. Impregnation protects the wood against fungi and other wood-destroying processes, but does not have a moisture-regulating effect and does not provide wind and watertight seal on the walls and corners. Only impregnate a wooden log cabin is insufficient to enjoy your wooden house for many years. Gadero has had very good experiences with garden shed stain for years.
Embalan/Embadecor is a very heavy-duty quality stain in a variety of transparent and opaque colors. This one-pot system does not require any other pre-treatments and post-treatments. If you paint your wooden gazebo the right way, you only need to repeat it once every five years. Embalan and Embadecor log cabin paint are also available in our online shop.

Larchwood – Douglas fir log cabin

A wooden house made of larch or Douglas wood does not need to be painted. The wood is very durable due to its high resin content and will last 20-25 years untreated. However, the wood should not come into contact with the ground and a good foundation is required. You should also keep the bottom free of splashing dirt. However, you can then immediately sit with your feet up and enjoy the result!
Larch / Douglas wood may and can of course be painted if you would like.

What wood thickness do you need for your log cabin?

The wooden garden buildings from Gadero are available in different wall thicknesses, whereby the use is decisive for the desired wall thickness. For the storage of garden tools, garden cushions, and garden furniture you can buy a garden house with a wall thickness of less than 28mm very suitable. In the Dutch climate, wooden houses with 28mm wood thickness can be used mainly as summer houses. These are mainly garden sheds with a smaller surface area. If you want to use your summerhouse all year round, we recommend you choose a summerhouse with a minimum wood thickness of 40-45mm. For the less warm days, you can install a heater to use your summerhouse also during the cold winter days. Would you rather create a guesthouse or office in your garden? A wall thickness of 70mm has an insulating effect, which ensures a pleasant indoor climate and is, therefore, the best choice in this case. These log cabins are also delivered with insulated glass as standard, so only the floor and roof still need to be insulated to create a pleasant living environment in your log house.

Which roof type fits your log cabin?

Do you want a modern or a classic log cabin model? In the online shop of Gadero, you can buy different variants for the roof. A log cabin with a gable roof is the classic pointed roof variant that finds its place in every garden. The flat roof has a timeless look and fits into many modern gardens. The pent roof (sloping to one side) has a compact look but offers all the space you want. And there are modern variants with an arched roof. Very special!
In terms of roofing, EPDM is the most durable for flat roofs, for pitched roofs shingles are inexpensive, but tile roofing will last the longest. Covering your log cabin with a gable roof with wooden cedar shingles also looks very luxurious.

What extras are available for the log cabin?

A wooden log cabin can be executed very luxuriously. Log cabins can be extended with a canopy and additional storage space. The sitting area, mancave, and lawn mower all find their place here. There are also variants available with balustrade so that the seating area is closed off and the veranda appears to be a partition of the garden. Would you like something else to go with your dream cabin? Ask the team at Gadero if it is possible. We will gladly help you realize your dream log cabin.

What color best suits the log cabin?

That is, of course, entirely your choice! But think about the result you have in mind. Do you want a log cabin in the garden that stands out or just blends in with the surroundings? Do you have a certain color of flowers in your garden that you want to bring out? What are the color of your house and any other outbuildings? And do you want to use one or more colors for the paint job?
Gadero only sells Tuindeco and Karibu log cabins, so garden sheds of high quality. Therefore we also advise you to choose from top quality Embalan or Embadecor stain to treat all your wood.

How are the log cabins delivered?

A summerhouse or log cabin is delivered throughout the Netherlands as a construction kit. We deliver everything completely to size and with the supplied manual you can build your new acquisition step by step by yourself.
Do you still have questions? For advice please feel free to contact us. And if you have made your choice from our wide range, you can easily order the log cabin in the online shop of Gadero!

Offer log cabin

We regularly have cheap log cabins on offer. If a garden shed is on sale, you will receive a discount. More often we have offers or give away free roofing. Above all, with us, you can be sure of (after sales) service, Home Shopping conditions, and warranty. You will see the action per log cabin model.
So keep a close eye on our website for competitive prices and great deals on log cabins from Germany. You will always find the best prices here and the best promotions come from Gadero.
View cheap log cabins in showroom Meppen (Germany) or Breukelen.
German products are known for their quality and competitive price. You can come to Germany for your summerhouse and see your favorite log cabin in our showroom Meppen or Breukelen. Of course, you will not find all 1000 models in our stores, but you will get a good impression of wall thicknesses, roof materials, foundations, etc. The prices of the log cabins remain the same and you can easily place your order online!

Building a custom roof or gazebo?

View the pages Larch Douglas timber for loose lumber for building your own log cabin with flat roof, summerhouse with pitched roof, or garden shed to size. For closed walls, we also have loose log cabin profiles and Swedish rebate boards for sale in larch Douglas, pine, or black painted. We also supply board material and sandpapered pine sls wood. In terms of roofing, you will find a wide collection of roof shingles in black, red, and green, aluminum roof tile sheets, and translucent polycarbonate sheets.

Building a log cabin

After you have found and ordered your dream log cabin, it is time to build it. Here, too, we will help you further! In various episodes of Gadero TV, we show you how to build popular log cabins, for example. We will also give you tips on how to avoid the 15 most common mistakes when building a log cabin. Also, see our handyman tips for more handy advice!