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Hooded Sheds

Hooded Sheds
A wooden woodshed of larch Douglas wood is the trend of the moment. A shed roof gives your garden a tough, rural look and the high ridge makes your roof spacious (less enclosed feeling than a flat roof). Choose below at Gadero from ready-made shed packages or read our useful step-by-step plan to make a larch Douglas barn yourself. You can go to Gadero for the purchase of a luxury wood construction shed to the construction of a low-budget shed of larch Douglas wood. Also, check out our shelters with garden shed – point roof. Are you looking for a prefabricated shed that can be quickly erected? Check out our ready-made storage barn Bergen L and XL models. We also deliver sheds quickly throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, you are assured of safe Home Shopping Guarantee service guarantees.
When buying a wooden logging shed, we have listed some tips for you:

  • Note the thickness of the uprights
  • The thickness of the braces
  • Beam constructions, mortise, and tenon connection is higher quality but certainly not cheap
  • Type of wood, untreated Larch Douglas is very popular because of the color
  • Type of construction kit, individual wall sections, or complete pre-drilled construction kit
  • With or without a floor. At Gadero, all log cabins are delivered without tiles, bricks, or decking
  • Are walls included (single or double-sided) and what is the wall thickness
  • Types of walls, tongue-and-groove boards, Swedish tongue-and-groove, or log cabin profile. If you have black walls, also check how often they have been sprayed black (at Gadero always
  • through and through black!)
  • Ridge height and roof clearance
  • Roof panels or a roof of tongue and groove roof boards (gives a more luxurious look than panels!)
  • Type of roofing material, shingles, tiles, or roof planks with fasteners (note, real tiles will make your roof relatively heavy)
  • Roof overhang (for space reasons)
  • See if the gutters are included as standard or if you need to order them separately.
  • Additional prices for essential foundation elements such as concrete footings and concrete ties
  • Check with your local authority if a permit is required if you want to erect the woodshed on the property boundary
  • Make of prefabricated, larch sheds Bergen XL also a handy carport, the XL has the uprights widely apart so that your car easily fits between them.




Place the corner posts of your woodshed preferably on concrete posts and fill each concrete post with 1 bag of quick-mix cement. Especially with untreated Douglas fir, make sure the uprights float at least 5 cm above ground level or the shed floor for longer life. The walls of a shed are best placed on concrete slabs.
Also, watch our video with tips for building a woodshed canopy. In this example, we make an already cut-to-size Tuindeco woodshed of smooth planed Douglas wood. This prefab model is also available here in 500 and 740 cm width and 410 cm depth.
That your uprights are exactly level and at the right height is a must. To position the uprights stably, it is advisable to build up any walls first before starting on the roof. Also, test that your uprights have an exact 90-degree angle by measuring the diagonal distances between the posts. The roof beams have a rise of 30 to 40%. Choose a size around 5×15 cm for the roof beams. The roof is made of double lip profiles or smooth planed bevels. Never slide them too tightly together. Watch the video for more tips.
Installing logging shed yourself is doable, especially the already cut-to-size packages we offer. The do-it-yourself log sheds require some job experience.
You have a shed that you think is too dark? Install a louvered roof, the video below shows you how;