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Hardwood floorboards

Are you looking for A-quality hardwood decking boards? We have everything from cheap 19mm hardwood decking boards for a roof terrace to luxury 28mm thickness bankirai wood ( durability class 1 with life span 20-25 years) decking boards. We have a choice of many lengths (including longer than 5 meters) so you can build your seamless decking from durable hardwood. Also, check out various decking board hardwood offers on this page. Take advantage of our fast delivery and low delivery costs throughout the Netherlands and Flanders. Also, consult our decking installation tips and our popular decking calculation tool for the required material quantities.
You do not need to treat hardwood decking boards. To slow down the graying you can use our bankirai hardwood oil.

Hardwood species

Just a word of caution, hardwood is a broad umbrella term for all kinds of hardwood species. Some types of wood such as Bankirai or Ipé hardwood last for decades, do not bleed/mold, absorb little moisture and dirt, have little expansion and contraction. Cheap hardwood species such as Keruing hardwood are soft, not durable, absorbs a lot of moisture and dirt, and can bleed or mold. Beware of suppliers who do not clearly state which hardwood species they supply. Request a sample of real Bankirai hardwood from Gadero if you wish. The color and weight can often tell you whether you are really receiving the right hardwood. Above all, at Gadero we give you honest information about hardwood species. Moreover, if you order Bankirai or Ipé (recommended!) hardwood, for example, you will receive exactly this type. That we find logical.

What thickness to choose?

For balconies and roof terraces where you are dealing with a weight limit, you can choose our 19 mm decking. For decking in the garden or near the house, we recommend choosing at least 21 mm thickness. For intensive use and wooden jetties by the water we recommend 28 mm hardwood decking thickness. Finally, for bridges and stairs, we have special thicknesses such as 38 and 45 mm.
Do you want to create a luxury deck from smooth planed decking boards with invisible fastening? Then check out our webpage on decking boards with clips. These boards are also called outdoor parquet. Or would you like to build a luxury hardwood deck, please also check out the page bankirai decking.

Calculate material numbers

At Gadero, you can use our smart decking calculator tool to quickly and easily calculate the number of decking boards, sub-boards, and accessories needed.
Video Garapa decking installation