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Gypsy caravans

Gypsy caravans
Want to buy a wooden gypsy wagon? Turn these eye-catching wooden circus wagons into a vacation home, canteen, or work space. We have various models of wooden gypsy wagons for sale. We also deliver your wooden gypsy wagon in the Benelux under favorable Thuiswinkel Waarborg service guarantees. These wooden gypsy caravans are not movable, but usually permit-free to place. Not only popular as a vacation bungalow but also as a canteen, hobby room, office, and mancave.

Buying a gypsy wagon

Would you like to expand your campsite with special accommodation? These new wooden gypsy caravans are very popular as a vacation home and hikers cabin. They can also be used as a canteen, office or shed. We supply these prefab wooden gypsy caravans with doors at the back and front. In this construction kit, all the planks are already sawn to size.
Frame and stairs for a gypsy wagon should be ordered separately!
Please note that the wheels under the chassis and the porch set must always be purchased separately with your wooden circus wagon. These self-build sets include fasteners and drawings. You can place these special wooden objects on wheels without a permit.
We also ship these prefab gypsy hut/houses to all countries in Western Europe.

Building a gypsy wagon is not difficult at all! In the video below we show you exactly how:
When installing a wooden gypsy wagon, a flat, level surface is a must.

Video Western car
For larger wooden vacation homes also check out the Prefab wooden houses page.