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Garden sheds

We supply under secure Home Shopping Service guarantees wooden garden sheds from well-known brands such as Karibu and Tuindeco. Choose from trendy garden sheds with a roof to log cabins intended as storage in the garden. Besides cheap pinewood garden sheds we also supply luxury prefabricated larch Douglas log cabins. We deliver to any place in the Netherlands and Flanders at your doorstep. In a hurry? Then consider our impregnated log cabins, these are already treated and immediately deliverable. You want to paint your log cabin in, for example, white, gray, or anthracite? Then we recommend adding the primer spray option to your order. You then only need to paint your prefab wooden summerhouse once. Discover Gadero, for more than 10 years your partner in A-brand garden sheds. Choose from more than 1000 models. Want to buy a log cabin super fast? Discover DIRECT log cabin.
In addition to our prefab garden sheds, you can also build a custom log cabin from our Impregnated wood or Larch Douglas construction wood. We also supply all kinds of roofing materials and concrete bases for foundations for custom-made summerhouses.
Discover the convenience of buying a log cabin online. Choose from over 1000 garden sheds with a canopy or inexpensive storage sheds for your garden gear. Choose at Gadero from garden sheds with or without a canopy from well-known brands such as Karibu and Tuindeco.

Advice on buying a log cabin

Before you buy a log cabin, there are several things you need to pay attention to. The garden shed must fit in your garden. In addition, you should take into account the wall thickness and the shape of the log cabin. In this blog we have listed 10 tips for the purchase of a log cabin, so you can be well informed about the purchase of your garden shed or log cabin.

Tips for placing the log cabin

Also, watch our DIY video full of general tips for installing a garden shed.