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Garden Office

Do you want to transform a wooden outdoor shelter into a workplace? Transform your garden into a workplace with a Tiny Office. We have several log cabins that you can also use as a garden office. These wooden offices have lots of glass and thick walls. Always ensure good ventilation and a solid foundation of concrete, ceramic tiles, or decking. We deliver these home office log cabins anywhere in the Netherlands and Belgium. Looking for a slightly different model? Check out our complete range of wooden log cabins or look into an aluminum garden room. With us, you also can put together your own garden office! Use our log cabin calculation tool.

Garden Office

You can use these extra-large log cabins not only as an office but also as a studio, care home, or workshop. These prefabricated garden sheds are already cut to size and notched. Always order multiple ventilation grills, this will ensure fresh air in your garden office. Place one at the bottom and the other on the opposite side at the top. Thinking about your own garden office? Then also read our 4 tips for building a garden office.

Tiny Office in the Garden

Now that working from home is increasingly the norm, you need a quiet place to work. Do you have no space left in your home and is there also only limited space available in the garden? Then opt for a Tiny Office. Not only are Tiny Houses a trend, but Tiny Offices are also making an appearance. With a compact workspace in the garden, you can work in a concentrated manner and are not bothered by other housemates. Moreover, a mini-office makes it easier to monitor the boundary between work and home more clearly. An additional advantage is that you do not need to apply for a permit for these garden offices. Are you still in doubt about this? We explain in our blog exactly when you need a permit for a garden office.
Did you know… Walls of 70 mm thick log cabin profiles already provide decent insulation, especially if you provide an insulated concrete floor and insulation material on the roof.