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Garden house with pointed roof only storage space

Garden house with pointed roof only storage space
Do you need storage space in your garden? Do you want to buy cheap, A-quality wooden garden sheds with a pointed roof? Check out our new collection of trendy garden sheds. From wooden log cabins with pyramid roofs to modern garden sheds with a sloping gable roof. We recommend the garden sheds with a pointed roof of 28 mm thickness over those of 19 mm wall thickness. Choose from various sizes of garden sheds with storage space to special corner garden shed designs. Also, see this page garden shed with a flat roof for small garden sheds with a flat roof.

Some garden sheds are as thick as 70 mm, which makes them extra sturdy and less likely to get damp and cold inside. We deliver all wooden garden sheds within 5 working days at your home.

Tips for purchasing a garden house

When buying trendy log cabins online, keep the following things in mind:

  • untreated or boiler pressure Impregnated wood for longer life and maintenance-free
  • wall thickness, usually 28 mm
  • with or without foundation beams (preferably choose composite foundation beams)
  • with or without a floor in your log cabin
  • brand, guarantee, and service (we only work with reputable garden house brands so you can be sure of the quality and complete garden house)
  • type of roof, for flat roof usually roofing membrane or EPDM and for sloping shingles, roof tile sheets or aquapan
  • ridge height, height point of a roof
  • door height
  • door width
  • glass included and glass thickness, sometimes plastic instead of smooth
  • with ventilation grid or not
  • Type of kit: ready-made walls or complete kit of tongue-and-groove log panels
  • Delivery time (impregnation of log cabins can sometimes take several extra weeks)

Assembling a garden house

Above all, it is advisable to make an inventory in advance of what items you want to put in your log cabin/garden shed to determine the size. We recommend that you measure out the space you have for your summerhouse with stakes. Always ensure a flat base with tiles (laid above ground level) or foundation on wooden posts with good drainage so that your summerhouse does not stay wet at the bottom. If desired, ask for our assembly partners to install your gazebo.
For more tips on what to look for when buying a log cabin check out our blog.
Order your wooden garden house of untreated wood or Impregnated wood now at Gadero. Add additional options such as roofing, extra walls, and concrete bases to your order if desired.