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Garden house with a flat roof and only storage space

Do you need storage space in your garden and are you looking for a garden shed with a flat roof? Check out this category of garden sheds with flat roofs. If you are looking for a garden building with an awning or a log cabin with a pointed roof, please see our special pages. We only sell A-brand garden sheds with flat roofs from brands such as Karibu, Tuindeco, and Elephant. The flat-roofed log cabins below are ideal for use as garden sheds for your garden supplies. See also our garden sheds with a pointed roof. Buy your log cabin with a flat roof here under favorable Home Shopping Service guarantees.

Cover flat roof garden house

On a flat roof, you can apply either roofing membrane, Easyroofing, or EPDM membrane. Easy roofing aluminum needs a slope of 2 degrees. Roof leather is cheap but less durable. EPDM is also a good option for log cabins and garden sheds with a flat roof.

Tips on purchasing a log cabin
Before you buy a log cabin, there are several things you need to take into account. The log cabin must fit in your garden. So consider how much space you have before selecting a log cabin with a flat roof. The wall thickness and the shape are also important for the use of your future log cabin. Need help with your choice? Check out our blog with tips on what to look for when buying a log cabin.