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Garden house with flat roof and canopy

Garden house with flat roof and canopy

More and more people are opting for a garden shed with a flat roof. The advantage of such a log cabin with a flat roof is that you have both storage space and a covered terrace. A flat roof is also cheaper than a pointed roof. Also, a garden building with a flat roof can usually be installed without a permit. View our range of prefab log cabins with awning or porch now and discover our high-quality models from among others Tuindeco, Karibu, and Elephant. Didn’t find anything here? See also the page garden shed with a pointed roof and porch.

What to look out for when buying a garden house?

What to look for when buying a garden house with a flat roof and canopy:
How big do you want the storage space to be? Ask yourself the question: what should go in there?
How big should the covered area be? A dining table for 4 people quickly costs 2 by 3 meters and a large lounge set 3 by 4 meters.
Check what is included in the price such as glass, roofing, and so on
Delivery time, if you want to get started quickly without the hassle of staining, then choose Impregnated summerhouses with roofing already. Normally green, gray, or brown impregnation costs 3 weeks extra delivery time.
Check, of course, what maximum size you can put in your garden.
Tip: preferably choose EPDM or Easyroofing aluminum roofing material for a longer life of your flat roof.

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Green sedum roof
Do you want to fill your flat-roofed canopy with sedum plants for bees, butterflies, and so on? Then order sedum roof cassettes or mats along for a green roof.
Log cabin with roof