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Everything in stock! Put together your complete decking or jetty here. Choose from impregnated or bankirai hardwood decking boards. Also order our underlayment, poles, and fasteners such as bolts, root canvas, and screws. Choose from various thicknesses of hardwood (25 years life expectancy) or impregnated softwood (7-15 years) or check out our range of composite decking boards. The heavier your garden furniture and other patio accessories, the thicker the decking board we recommend. Read our tips on building decking for information on post spacing and the number of posts, boards, and screws needed for a stunning wooden deck or wooden jetty. NEW, use our deck planner to calculate the number of boards, beams, etc. required.

Decking, material choice

Globally, you can choose from hardwood, softwood, and composite decking boards. When it comes to hardwood decking boards, pay attention to what type of hardwood you are buying. Bankirai is very durable, stable, and does not bleed. Cheap hardwood like Keruing shrinks and expands enormously, is not durable, and gives a chance to mold and bleed. Our Composite plastic decking boards are colorfast, but not as strong and require careful installation instructions. Softwood decking boards can be found in 2 types, Impregnated pine/spruce wood or untreated larch Douglas wood. Softwood is attractive in price, but less strong and less durable than hardwood.

Decking trends

More and more people are choosing smooth-planed decking boards without grooves and ridges. These are easy to keep clean with a brush, moreover, dirt and water wash off more easily from this board. We prefer to use the term planed flat because these boards are less slippery than decking boards with grooves and ridges where dirt and algae can adhere well.
A second trend is extra-wide boards of 19 cm instead of 14.5 cm. After Belgium, we are also discovering in the Netherlands more and more decking boards with a rebate for clips for invisible fixing with a clip system.

Order decking with speed

In addition to our entire assortment of decking wood which we deliver on fixed delivery days per zip code, we also offer a limited assortment of decking wood which we can deliver to your home within 48 hours. Our 48-hour assortment of decking wood (note, limited assortment only hardcore) we deliver throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Order before 14:00 = delivery the day after tomorrow!

Popular decking products

Hardwood planks of 2.1 cm (for light decking), 2.5 cm (for house decking), or 2.8 cm (mostly for scaffolding) thickness, choose from various hardwood species with different durability and characteristics. Some well-known species are Bankirai (recommended), Keruing (less durable), and Massaranduba. Do you have a slightly smaller budget? The 2.8 cm thick impregnated pine and spruce decking boards and untreated larch Douglas fir decking boards are a good alternative to hardwood. Less durable and less strong than hardwood, but attractive in price.
On 4.5 x 7 cm beams (cross beams) mounted standing you mount your decking boards. Available in both impregnated softwood and hardwood.
Pointed 6x6cm hardwood Azobe poles of 100 cm to which you attach the beams. For waterfront decking, you can choose thicker posts, including 10 x 10cm thickness.
Anti Rooting Cloth and Stainless Steel Torx Screws 4 x 50 mm for screwing the decking boards in place.
The M8x120mm carriage bolts. A perfect combination with 4.5×7 cm beams and 6×6 hardwood posts.


For a wooden jetty, we supply square Impregnated scaffolding poles up to 12 x 12 cm thick and hardwood poles up to 10 x 10 cm thick. Choose from extra-thick beams (including 5 x 15 and 6 x 16 cm) and the popular 28 mm ribbed or flat planed hardwood decking planks.

Order decking and all other products at once

We have the best softwood and hardwood prices for posts, beams, and decking. In addition, we offer you decking screws, root canvas, and carriage bolts at affordable prices. This way you will have a brand new decking of hardwood, larch, composite, or impregnated softwood in no time.

Choice aid video – Buying a decking

This video will help you choose the right decking board.
Installation Tips & free customized advice
Do it yourself video – Tips for building decking on TILES
Watch this video for helpful tips on how to make a decking patio on a concrete tile floor.
Do it yourself video – Tips for building decking on PALES
Refer to this video for how to build a deck from wood using picket stakes as a foundation (recommended).
Do you have questions about building your decking terrace at your home or your garden decking in the back of your garden? Also, check out our step-by-step plan for making wooden decking or call/email us for advice for your situation, quantities needed, and other questions about wooden decking installation and veranda building.

We do not charge expensive square meter prices but make the list of required materials together with you; so you can benefit from our competitive prices of the individual boards, beams, and posts. All deliveries take place under KOMO, EUTR, Pefc, Greenchoice label. So you do not have to doubt the quality of our decking wood.