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Do you want to buy cheap luxury decking boards for your patio? At Gadero you have the choice of many different boards, from smooth planed to modern ship deck profile. Choose basically from hardwood or softwood decking boards. Hardwood has a lifespan of 20-25 years. Softwood (such as Pine and Spruce) comes from Europe and will last 10-15 years if impregnated. Larch and Douglas’s softwood is often used untreated. The life span of this is 5-10 years.
Choose below from hardwood, larch, or impregnated decking boards or view composite decking boards here. We deliver your wooden decking quickly throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Uniquely, we have boards of 5 and even 6 meters. In addition, we offer innovative sustainable products such as bamboo decking and the extremely strong and slip-resistant Resysta. Complete your decking with beams, posts, and accessories such as decking screws. View our step-by-step plan on how to build decking.
Would you like to know everything about decking assembly, what types of wood there are for decking, how best to assemble a decking or how to extend the durability of decking, for example? Then read all the informative blogs from Gadero. Also, check out all our competitively priced decking offers!
Please note that during the heat all wooden floor boards have to be installed with extra spacing, as the boards shrink a lot due to the warm weather. In normal weather, they will expand again.

Hardwood floorboards

1.9 cm hardwood
2.1 cm hardwood
2.5 – 2.8 cm hardwood
balcony decking
roof terrace / living platform
large terrace / jetty

For the above table, save on your plank thickness rather than your foundation. Support beams every 40 cm maximum ensure a stable decking, even with 21 mm board thickness. We often see customers who fiddle with the beam spacing to 50 cm and choose a thicker board, we advise against this.
The most popular decking boards in our range are running boards made of hardwood, plain smooth planed, or grooves. Outdoor parquet with ship deck profile is also gaining in popularity. Fine-ribbed and semi-ribbed, on the other hand, are less popular. Hardwood comes from the tropics, think countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brazil. The lifespan is very long but can vary a lot from one hardwood species to another. For example, Ipé hardwood is much more durable than a B-type like Keruing. In addition, hardwood requires little maintenance. We recommend regularly sweeping a hard broom with water over your decking. Certainly do not use a high-pressure washer, as this will spray the wood grain open.
To make a durable and long-lasting decking, choose planks of Ipé or Bankirai. These types of wood have durability classes 1 and 2, absorb little moisture and dirt, and have little effect. Note: there are decking boards with a similar color to Bankirai wood, such as Keruing and Kapur. These boards are, however, less durable and generally suffer more from operation and bleeding. At Gadero this is indicated per product, with competitors these types are often deliberately mixed up!
The advantages of our Ipé hardwood decking boards are:

    • Durability class 1 (lifespan of 25 years or more)
    • Absorb little moisture and dirt, remain therefore more rough than other types of wood
    • Very stable, low shrinkage and expansion.
    • Hardly or no splitting
    • Do not need to be treated (thus low maintenance after construction)
    • Will discolor over time (through weather) pencil gray (quiet base color in the garden)


Ipé is known for its natural hardness and strength. This makes this wood species ideal for laying decking since these boards have to endure quite a bit. In addition, Ipé can withstand moisture very well. It is, therefore, no problem to build a terrace around your swimming pool from this stable wood species. Ipé has a lifespan of 25 to 30 years and, with proper maintenance, generally lasts even longer. This makes it the most durable and high-quality hardwood species available today.
The cream of the crop in hardwood country is Ipé and Padouk. Bankirai and Mukulungu hardwoods are further fine alternatives that are little inferior to Ipé. Those looking for an attractive price for good quality can also go for Garapa hardwood. The durability class is 2-3 and the operation slightly more, however, you get with Garapa hardwood easily 20-25 years of life. Do ensure ventilation and maintenance of course.

Which is most rigid, Smooth planed, or grooved?

We offer hardwood decking with grooves, fine ridges, or completely smooth planed. The boards with grooves have the name anti-slip, however, this is a fable. Smoothness is due to algae formation, algae make it smooth, water does not. The advantage of smooth planed decking is that it is easier to wipe clean and rinse off. Algae attach much faster in grooves where dirt easily remains. Very regular sweeping, possibly with water (no high pressure) and that’s all. Smooth planed boards (we prefer to speak of planed flat) are therefore more slip-resistant than boards with grooves. Maintenance is the magic word. Preferably without any means, just a firm brush and possibly some water.
Various decking boards in our assortment can be installed on 2 sides. You then have the choice of, for example, installing the smoothly planed or ribbed side in sight. There are also boards with a very finely grooved or smooth planed back, this is indicated per product.
You will make the perfect deck with our hardwood planks. Hardwood has a very long life of 25 years or more with proper maintenance. You have some influence on this. For example, make sure there is at least 15 centimeters of space under your decking so the wind can ‘blow’ the boards dry. Root canvas ensures that weeds have no chance.
All hardwood decking boards with or without grooves discolor after some time to a natural pencil gray color. To counteract the graying you can oil the boards with our hardwood oil, but to maintain the natural color of the wood you should do this at least 2 to 3 times a year. Apply the oil only to dry boards at a temperature of approximately 15 degrees.

Decking plank assembly

Decking boards are easy to screw to beams or rails, with hardwood decking please pre-drill. For more tips see our decking construction step-by-step plan. Order here luxury Ipé decking boards, Larch Douglas wood decking, or cheap Impregnated decking boards. Always buy including, for example, the popular 45×70 mm boards, underlay, 6×6 picket stakes with locking bolts for the underlay, or concrete tiles with sand. Don’t forget to order our stainless steel 410 TORX 5×50 mm decking screws. These are extra strong and can cope well with vibrations.

Softwood floorboards

The softwood trees from which decking is made continue to grow in Europe. Well-known species are Larch, Douglas fir, and pine.
Our Pine and Spruce decking boards are impregnated green or brown under high boiler pressure to preserve them. Our impregnated softwood decking boards are a lot cheaper than hardwood and much more durable than Larch Douglas. They have a life span of 10-15 years. This does not have to be a problem, you might want to change the decking boards a long time ago.
The big advantage of impregnated softwood is that pre-drilling is not necessary. This means that making a decking will cost you much less time. These impregnated terrace boards are available in various greater lengths. Choose from impregnated boards of 3 meters, 3.6 meters, 4 meters, 4.5 meters, and even 5 meters. You can also choose from planks with grooves or smooth planed planks.
In addition to treated decking, untreated decking boards made from Larch Douglas wood are very popular. They have a warm color and, unless they are left in permanent moisture, will last about 5 to 7 years. Mount these trendy decking boards on impregnated or hardwood 4.5 x 7 cm beams is our advice. It is more difficult for the lower beams to dry out and thanks to the impregnation they can withstand moisture better. Larch Douglas decking boards are vulnerable to moisture, algae (from large trees), and needle dents. Larch Douglas decking preferably under shelters we say and for open-air situations strongly consider hardwood.
Softwood decking boards have more movement than hardwood boards. Keep a minimum gap of 1 cm between the boards (based on a width of 145 mm). For wider decking keep 1.5 cm as seam spacing. For Class 1 hardwood planks you can use 8 mm spacing. For IPE hardwood boards even 7 mm for 145 mm width boards and even 6 mm for 9 cm wide boards.

Composite floorboards

Check out our special page on composite decking. These composite decking boards are very colorfast, take up little dirt and moisture, are low maintenance, and are available in an increasing number of colors and varieties within our lumberyard.
Plank wood always feels warm, so away with a cold stone terrace. You can order the perfect outdoor decking at Gadero.nl. In addition to your softwood outdoor flooring or hardwood decking planks, order underlay against weeds, square posts, wooden rails, locking bolts, and decking screws right away.
Decking board to decking post opinions
In our decking construction step-by-step plan you can read tips and required materials for your decking project. Our advice, don’t skimp on your joists, they provide strength to your decking. We also offer a do-it-yourself plan for building a jetty at the water’s edge. Are you having trouble, looking for installation partners or do you have any questions about making your own decking? Our decking experts will be happy to help you at 050 – 230.61.51 or by email.
Are you looking for A-quality decking boards for an attractive price, including all other requirements? Order your hardwood Ipé profile boards, untreated larch Douglas decking, or impregnated decking boards here at online garden wood dealer Gadero.nl.